Sociogenomics: Lifting the Veil of Ignorance for a Kiss

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This morning I found an interesting article in WIRED Magazine by Megan Molteni. It was about a research project by David Hill which examined if there is a link between our genes and income. The article then discussed the growing field of Sociogenomics.

David’s assertion was that there is a link between income and genes and predominately in the area of intelligence. Beyond his study alone, there have been others which have tried to, at least begin to understand and discover, if we can attribute social factors, e.g. conflict, isolation, with playing a role and having an affect on the genome. Molteni then continues in the article to share David’s belief that his work raises the possibility of personalized social interventions e.g. advanced education, change in environment, for those whose score warrants it.

Correctly noted at the end of the article, and earlier, is whether we should accept this research. In one reference, it is made to sound as though sociogenomics is the younger brother of eugenics. Difficult to say it is not true in my view. What is true is that clearly it is not appropriate policy when thinking of advancing John Rawls’ just society goal.

Are we lifting the veil of ignorance for a future kiss? If nothing changes I think that can be expected.

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