Monthly Archives: November 2018

Researcher in China builds first engineered human

In a stunning first in genetic engineering, a Chinese researcher has engineered a human. This incredible achievement is one of a number of firsts coming from China recently in the area of genetic engineering. But is all of this at a cost to our morals? Can we allow this path to continue in one region […]

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Mirror Representation as a Supporting Theory for Women’s Empowerment

Mirror representation rests upon the core idea that in a democracy which is representative of the people it must be comprised, mirrored by, a similar proportion of each segment of the population who brought that government into power. Originally used in the United States as a means for African Americans to feel politically empowered with […]

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Treating Dax Cowart

The Dax Cowart case involves many ethical questions and issues ranging from what role physicians should play, to whether or not in this case the physicians made the right decision in treating Dax, even though it was against his decision. It is the goal of this paper to show that the physicians did, in fact, […]

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