Monthly Archives: March 2021

Thomas Sowell

During the COVID pandemic I found out about Thomas Sowell and his ideas on economics and politics. As someone who has studied social and political ethics, I find his views very insightful and generally agree with much of what he says. “Nothing is easier than to take for granted what we are used to and […]

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Ethics, Morality, and the Law

Hello Ethic Nutters, In search for a simple and easy to remember way to distinguish between Law, Morality, and Ethics, I found this interesting video from The Ethics Centre. I’m not sure who the presenter is but the clear definitions of Law, Morality, and Ethics are easy to follow, understand, and share. Enjoy! Regards, Andrew

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Addressing Online Foreign Influencing and Foreign Criminals – An Armchair Ethics Post

Today is unlike any other in the ability of those living in other countries to communicate with individuals thousands of kilometers away, and to attack them through malicious actions including Spam, Phishing, and other harmful hacking tactics. The propensity of foreign actors to influence citizens in another country such as Canada and in negative terms, […]

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