Eye Bank of Canada (Ontario Division) (ongoing) – Development of a Quality Management System

To date, after two years at the Eye Bank of Canada (Ontario Division), the largest Eye Bank in Canada and among the largest in North America, my proudest achievement is the development of the Quality Management System (QMS). The QMS was developed by rebuilding and unifying pre-existing QMS elements (e.g. Audit, Reporting, programs) into a cohesive Standards based systems approach for quality. During the development stage, effort was given to performing a thorough review of Standard Operating Procedures and revamping the Audit Program to closer align both components with regulatory and accreditation requirements. A modernization of the record management system was also part of the development of the QMS and was carried out through a shift from a paper-based to an electronic-based system, and creation of a comprehensive record system.

Merita CQA Inc. (A subsidiary of ethica Clinical Research Inc.) – Successful Third-Party Audit

While further developing my expertise in Quality Assurance and Improvement at Merita CQA Inc., I had the opportunity to successfully prepare for and facilitate a Third-Party Audit by one of Canada’s top pharmaceutical companies. A great deal of planning, preparation, and teamwork ensured that no official observations were made by the Inspectors, resulting in a 1 million-plus contract being awarded to ethica CRO Inc.

The low number of observations made by Inspectors is my proudest achievement while at Merita CQA Inc. and while working under the exceptional leadership of Dr. Janice Parente.

Clinical Trials Ontario – Research Ethics Board (REB) Qualification Manual

Under the direction of Susan Marlin, I had the opportunity to increase my knowledge of Auditing for regulatory compliance while developing the REB Qualification Manual, used currently to assess REB regulatory compliance and qualifying REBs in Ontario for membership into the Clinical Trails Ontario Streamlined Research Ethics Review System.

You can read the REB Qualification Manual at the following link: REB Qualification Manual

Mount Sinai Hospital – MOVE-ON study

It was a pleasure to be part of the MOVE ON team at Mount Sinai Hospital and evaluate the impact of an evidence-based strategy to promote early mobilization and prevent functional decline in older patients. In order to evaluate the strategy, I conducted regularly scheduled bi-weekly Audits of patient rooms to assess changes in levels of mobility.

The following is the list of publications stemming from the project to date:

Liu, B., Almaawiy, U., Moore, J. E., Chan, W., & Strauss, S. E. (2013). Evaluation of a multisite educational intervention to improve mobilization of older patients in hospital: protocol for mobilization of vulnerable elders in Ontario (MOVE ON). Implementation Science, 8(76), 1-8. (Click here for a copy)

Moore, J. E., Mascarenhas, A., Marquez, C., Almaawiy, U., Chan, W., D’Souza, J., Liu, B., & Strauss, S. E. (2014). Mapping barriers and intervention activities to behaviour change theory for Mobilization of Vulnerable Elders in Ontario (MOVE ON), a multi-site implementation intervention in acute care hospitals. Implementation Science, 9(160), 1-9. (Click here for a copy)

Liu, B., Moore, J. E., Almaawiy, U., Chan, W., Khan, S., Ewusie, J., Hamid, J.S., & Strauss, S. E. (2017). Outcomes of Mobilisation of Vulnerable Elders in Ontario (MOVE ON): a multisite interrupted time series evaluation of an implementation intervention to increase patient mobilisation. Age and Ageing, 10(1093), 1-7. (Click here for a copy)

Member of Parliament, Don Valley West – Discussion Paper on Liberal Multiculturalism

While working for Member of Parliament Rob Oliphant I became very involved in the politics of the Riding of Don Valley West.

As part of the Policy Committee of the Don Valley West Federal Liberal Riding Association, I presented Rob with a discussion paper on Liberal Multiculturalism in the 21st Century.

You can read the submitted discussion paper by clicking on the following link: Liberal Multiculturalism

United Nations Millennium Campaign Asia and the Pacific – iMDGiMDG logo

Perhaps one of the proudest achievements of mine was the development and implementation of the iMDG pilot project for United Nations Millennium Campaign. I was responsible for the development and implementation of an online youth communication strategy utilizing Social Media (i.e. Web 2.0) to reach out to key countries in the Asia-Pacific region. It involved the establishment of an online youth community with on the ground activities to become involved in, which produced content for a multimedia petition that was handed over to a senior political official in each implementing country during a handing over ceremony. It was piloted in India, the Philippines, and Indonesia.

The pilot reached national coverage in The Hindu, one of India’s largest newspapers (click on the following to read news article: The Hindu) and in the INQUIRER a leading newspaper in the Philippines (click on the following to read news article: INQUIRER).

From the iMDG pilot, I wrote a small primer after it had ended titled “Establishing an Online Youth Community – Case Example: iMDG” (click on the following to read: Establishing Online Youth Community). The primer was taken largely from the Phase 1 Final Assessment (click on the following to read: Phase 1 Final Assessment).

Below are several images of the online space and a video from the first event in The Philippines.

Click on the following to see what the web space looked like near the end of its piloting: iMDG Webspace

Click on the following to see the Google Analytics for the web space: iMDG Google Analytics

Click on the following to see a video from the Philippines Flash Mob: iMDG YVote – Flash Mob

United Nations Development Program’s Regional Centre in Bangkok, Capacity Development Team – Brown Bag Lunch Series

My time with the UNDPs Capacity Development team in Bangkok was a time of great personal and professional growth. Of the many achievements I had while with the Capacity Development team, I am particularly proud of the Capacity Development Brown Bag Lunch Series I spearheaded.

Below you can read related materials from the program.

Click on the following to read the first flyer for the series which I presented at BBL Web 2.0 Flyer

Click on the following to read the follow-up brief stemming from the presentation: Staff Participation Web 2

Click on the following for the flyer introducing Kanni Wignaraja as speaker: CD Talk series Kanni Wignaraja

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