Monthly Archives: November 2015

Science and the Swastika: The Deadly Experiment

If you are interested in the history of research ethics that goes beyond the typical one paragraph mention that normally accompanies the line about the Nuremburg Code this video is for you. It discusses the experiments conducted in the concentration camps in a way I have not seen before and is a fascinating, humbling, and […]

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Disclosure in a Disaster Situation: Protecting Patient Privacy Rights with Public Safety

First and foremost it should be noted that the protection of a patient’s privacy is a right held by all patients regardless of ethnicity, religion, or other. It is a right which is to be respected in all situations, including that of a disaster. Patients always retain the right to determine through consent what information […]

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Just the Additions – Consolidated Changes to ICH GCP E6(R2)

Hello, If you haven’t already heard there are changes coming to everyone’s favourite…the ICH GCP. For a consolidated look at just the changes you can take a look at them all in one document I’ve created. Here is the link to download: Enjoy! Andrew

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