Monthly Archives: March 2018

Peace Requires Responsibility

Hello Ethic Nutters, I purchased the book “The Morality of War” by Brian Orend and plan on reading through its chapters this year. To get in the mindset I decided to turn to Youtube for information. Sure enough, there’s so much more on Youtube than I can really share. My favourite, Obama’s Nobel speech in […]

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Michael Shermer on Moral Realism

Hello Ethic Nutters, Found another great video on Youtube. This one is about Moral Realism and, as the title suggests, “We don’t need God or religion to know right from wrong”. It’s interesting although not too academic. Michael Shermer is known for many things other than Moral Philosophy although it is still interesting to hear […]

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The Ethics of “Greed is Good”

Gordon Gekko in his speech to the shareholders of Teldar Paper promotes greed as the means in which to save the troubling company. His argument begins with the assertion that the root of the problem is with the management of Teldar Paper. He notes that they have no stake in the company which he takes […]

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