Monthly Archives: October 2018

Accountability. Where is it?

All too often politician’s will say one thing then do something entirely different. The need to get support often leads a politician to make claims which either cannot be supported in real terms or for which there was never a true desire to fulfill. Sometimes these statements are made to a wide and large audience […]

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China’s Dominance in Pushing the Genetic Engineering Envelope

Hello Ethic Nutters, In the news another first to take note of by China.  Remember just a little earlier this year the cloning of primates, well now Chinese scientists have achieved the birth of baby mice by “two mums and no dad”. See the following link for the BBC story: It can be certain, as […]

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Kierkegaard and the attainment of faith

Upon first reading, it is apparent that Kierkegaard writing Fear and Trembling pseudonymously as Johannes de Silentio, which translates to John of Silence, is dealing with the teleological suspension of the ethical and yet with a great deal more. In this paper, I will examine the purpose of the book, which I take to be […]

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