Genetic Testing: No going back but not there yet

Hello Ethic Nutters,

Recently in the news are reports of 23andMe not being as great as some people expect.

See news story: Don’t Count on 23andMe Study Warns

What I think the lesson here is, is that we shouldn’t rely on simple over-the-counter advice at any stage of the decision-making process. Which is what 23andMe essentially is as a product. We should instead trust what we have always done and go see a professional for health matters.

Obviously a professional with time can look at all the relevant information as it presents itself through screening of someone’s genes. Dishing out a few hundred dollar’s or even higher is not unthinkable to get the results and information needed by those who are concerned about their well-being. Better to spend the money and time and do it fully, or not at all.

The good news is that the direction that we have been heading on the past several years will produces a desired outcome eventually. We should never stop or give up on our objectives.

Hope you all had a great Easter weekend.

Kindest regards,