Researcher in China builds first engineered human

In a stunning first in genetic engineering, a Chinese researcher has engineered a human. This incredible achievement is one of a number of firsts coming from China recently in the area of genetic engineering.

But is all of this at a cost to our morals? Can we allow this path to continue in one region while not in another?

In this globalized era, there is no question whether there should be some form of global oversight to regulate this science. It is not currently being conducted in a manner of speaking which fellow scientists and in particular ethicists can agree with. Why should we agree? Just because it has happened, does not mean we must now accept it.

Let the demonstrations begin.

Whether it is pushing for a new body in the United Nations or a branch from an existing agency, regulations are necessary and to be blunt, behind.

It is now a test of response. No longer is it preparing for the eventuality to come. It has arrived and this new era of evolution has begun.