Accountability. Where is it?

All too often politician’s will say one thing then do something entirely different. The need to get support often leads a politician to make claims which either cannot be supported in real terms or for which there was never a true desire to fulfill. Sometimes these statements are made to a wide and large audience such as the case with the now infamous NHS claim on London buses, again making the news now.

What is wrong? These claims are being made fully knowing that they are invalid. Whether it’s a disastrous and impactful claim like the erroneous bus sign, or to get votes such was the case with Caitlyn Jenner and the LGBTQ community, there should be a mechanism to protect against this, but how?

One thought is to implement a system similar to what companies face with regards to shareholders. Investors routinely hold to account claims made by CEOs and others which bare impact on share prices. Is it not possible to call politicians on their statements in such a manner? No, factually it is possible. That we know is true.

The question remains why call out in one instance e.g. CEOs, and not again in a similar way with politicians?