Code Brown – Some Trivia for your Long Weekend

Was reading “Uncle John’s Funniest Ever Bathroom Reader” and came across a piece worth sharing. Here it is:

Code Brown

Actual abbreviations and terms used in the ER by doctors and nurses who – by necessity – have a morbid sense of humor

TMB: Too Many Birthdays (suffering from old age)

FORD: Found On Road Dead

House Red: Blood

TRO: Time Ran Out

Frequent Flyer: Someone who is regularly taken to hospital in an ambulance, even though they aren’t sick (because it’s something to do)

Code Zero: Another name for a “Frequent Flyer.” The real radio codes range from Code 1 (not serious) to Code 4 (emergency)

Code Yellow: A patient who has wet the bed

Code Brown: (You can guess this one yourself)

FOOSH: Fell Onto Outstreched Hand (a broken wrist)

T&T Sign: Tatoos-and-teeth. (Strange but true: Patients with a lot of tatoos and missing teeth are more likely to survive major injuries.)

DFO: Done Fell Out (of bed)

MGM Syndrome: A “patient” who is faking illness and putting on a really good show

WNL: Will Not Listen

SYB: Save Your Breath, as in, “SYB, he WNL”

Insurance Pain: An inordinate amount of neck pain following a minor auto collision with a wealthy driver

ALP: Acute Lead Poisoning – a gunshot wound

ALP (A/C): Acute Lead Poisoning (Air Conditioning) – multiple gunshot wounds

Flower Sign: Lots of flowers at a patient’s bedside (may indicate the patient is a good candidate for early discharge, since they have people who can care for them)

ART: Assuming Room Temperature (deceased)

Bagged and Tagged: A corpse ready for the morgue (it’s in a body bag and has a toe tag)

AMF Yo Yo: Adios, Motherf@#*!, You’re On Your Own



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