Knowledge for a Better World

Hello Ethic Nutters,

On a bit of a personal note, I want to share that this summer will be my 10th Anniversary of graduating from my Master’s program at NTNU. I’m very happy to be travelling back to visit the campus and friends.

For those who do not know the rich and significant history of NTNU and the achievements of its students and alumni, here is a short video worth watching:

I owe a great deal to not only Prof. Gopal Sreenivasan who first told me about the program and encouraged me to apply, but also the faculty at NTNU, in particular, Prof. May Thorseth who supervised my Thesis.

Had I not had the opportunity to attend NTNU working at the U.N. would not have been possible along with all of the other experiences I had in Thailand.

No other achievement of mine has been more important to shaping my life than graduatingĀ from NTNU. I look forward to returning this summer!